Design company ArchiKom has founded and registered during 1992 . by dipL.arch. Vassil Komitov, who graduated in 1980 and since then has vast experience in the field of town planning, different type of buildings an interior design. Before founding the design burro he worked consequently in BHDIntansmash, Complex Institute for Territorial, Town Planning and Architecture, Glavproject and Bulgarproject.
During the years of its activity architectural burro ArchiKom successfully works in the field of town planning, design and fulll management of buildings of different types, interior design, consultant service in the construction area. Approval of design documentation and supervision during construction.

Main designers :
dipL.arch. Vassil Komitov,
dipL.arch. Gily Komitova
Civil eng. Ivanka Petrova,
WSS-eng. Svetla Popova, eng. Cenka Lozanova
HV-A/C eng. Elena Georgieva, eng. D. Georgiev
Electrical-eng. Tzanka Guetcheva,
Visualization: dipl.arch.Svetlin Michailov
Victoria Iordanova
land-arch. Diana Petrova

Office 1202 Sofia, Serdika-str 25, floor 2

2. More important designs:

2. 1.Town planning:
1985 - Territorial Development Planning of Chepelare Settlement System
1984 - Detailed Town Planning of Kiustendil (regional center of BG) City Center- assignation as a consequence of competition won
1986 - Detailed Town Planning Boliarovo-city-assignation as a consequence of competition won
1990 - Detailed Town Planning Aghuria-city, Libia
1991 - Detailed Town Planning of Benghazi City Center, libia
1998 Residential group Vyrtopo-North- Sofia (60 ha), Detailed town planning
2008 Administrative and Residential Complex q.67; Krasna poliana district, Sofia

2.2. Residential Buildings:
1983 - Residential group Liulin II-Troyan-city - constructed
2006 - Residential group Mladost II, Sofia under construction
1998 - Twelve-storied residential building Ivan Vazov district of Sofia - constructed
1992 2007 Many residential block of flats during the period of all constructed
1992 2007 Many residential family buildings

2.3. Public buildings:
1986 Main Administration Complex of Kiustendil-city
1987 Main Administration Complex of Petrich-city
1990 - Administrative Complex Investment Bank & Emigration office, city of Benghazi
1991 - Religious Center Benghazi-city
1990 - Sports Center for women and girls - Benghazi-city
1991 - Main Mosque of Benghazi participation
1999-2000 - Immobul Office center- Tzar Boris IIth"53-55 constructed
2001 - Education Center of Protestant Church Enlightener under construction
2007 - T.A.O. Center .T.Alexandrov-bvd 109-115, q,220, West direction of Sofia city Center- under construction.
2008 - M.J. Administrative & Residential complex - q.67, Krasna poliana District of Sofia Preliminary design
2008 Office Center Klocotnica-str - Prliminary design

2.4. Health Buildings:
1990 - Cardio-Surgery Center, Benghazi, Libia - reconstruction
1998 - Dislocation of City Dermato-Venereal Dispensary; constructed
2001 - Medical Center MEDELEC,Sofia - constructed
2001 - Rehabilitation Hospital, Pernic-city reconstruction & renovation - constructed
2006-2008 Four Section Clinic - city of Blagoevgrad under construction

2.5.Commercial Buildings:
1989 Main Trade Center of Benghazi, Libia constructed
2008 Commercial and Office Building Klocotnitza-str; q.60; B15 Zone of Sofia.

2.6.Industrial Buildings:
1983 - Cargo Cable car - Rudartsi Mines constructed
1989 - Central Cooling Stores of Bengjazi, Libia - constructed
2000 - Shaw-room, auto-service & Administration of Toyota, Sofia

2.7.Competition won:
1983 Central City Part of Kiustendil-city - First Prize with assignation
1985 - Detailed Town Planning of Boliarovo-city - First Prize with assignation
1986 - Main Administration Center Kiustendil-city - First Prize with assignation
1986 - Main Administration Center Petrich-city Second Prize (first wasnt awarded )
1999 - Immobul Office Center First Prize with assignation
2001 - Education Center of Protestant Churches in BG Enlightener- First Prize with assignation

2.8. Consultant activity:
2001 - PHARE-program Project - BG 0102.02 (High-technology Business Incubators);
2002 - PHARE-program Project - BG 0004.04 (Reconstruction of Professional Schools);
2002 - PHARE-program Project - BG 0004.02 (Investment in Business Incubators located in regions with industrial decay );
2003 - PHARE-program Project - BG 0202.03 (Life study and Professional education );